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Anatomy of a Headache
 A headache is more than just an ache in your head. It involves other parts of your body, too. At the core of your problem may be your spine, which often gets pushed out of alignment by poor posture, such as a long commute, stress or certain substances, like coffee or cigarettes, can trigger a headache. 
Tension Headache
Tension headaches are the most common kind f headache you can get. Although stress and fatigue can make them worse, or trigger the onset pain, a tension headache often starts with misaligned vertebrae. This misalignment may irritate a spinal nerve, setting in motion other physical problems, like tightening muscles, and causing the steady "viselike" pain of a tension headache.
1. Poor posture over time or spinal injuries lead to misalignment, which is    worsened by stress.
2. A misaligned vertebra irritates a spinal nerve, which sends "warning" signals to surrounding neck muscles.
3. The neck muscles then tighten up (spasm) to protect your mis-aligned vertebra. This irritates underlying nerves in your neck.
4. These irritated nerves send warning signals up to your head muscles.
In response, they tighten up suddenly.
5. These tightening muscles create a chain reaction of spasm and pain encircling your head - a tension headache.
You’re Health History
 Is it a tension headache?
1. Do you have steady, dull, tight pain around your scalp or neck?
2. Does the pain begin in the back of your neck and move forward throughout your whole head?
3. Do you sleep on your stomach with your head twisted to the side, or sit   for long periods bent over in one position?
4. Do your neck and shoulder muscles feel stiff?
5. Does stress or fatigue, like that felt during work days, trigger your   headaches?
Feeling Better with Chiropractic Care
 You really can head off headaches with chiropractic care.  Using spinal
 adjustments and other techniques, Dr. Moles can begin to treat the  
 physical causes of your tension headaches.
When we help you learn how to  exercise, relax, and eat well, you'll not only
help prevent headaches, you'll  make your whole body feel better.