King Chiropractic - Migraines
King Chiropractic - Dr. Harvey I. Moles, DC
  Migraines often begin with misalignment either restricting blood flow into your head or irritating a spinal nerve. This nerve irritation upsets your autonomic nervous system, which controls unconscious functions like the narrowing and expansion of your blood vessels. Foods that narrow blood vessels (vasoconstriction) or expand them (vasodilators) can also trigger migraines.
1. Poor posture over time or spinal injuries lead to misalignment, which is worsened by stress.
2. A misaligned vertebra can pressure a blood vessel in your neck. Or it can irritate spinal nerve, which may send "warning" signals to your autonomic nerves.
3. If a blood vessel is pressured, that may reduce blood flow into your  head. If a spinal nerve is irritated, your autonomic nerves may tell blood vessels to narrow, also reducing blood flow.
4. Blood vessels in your head expand to offset the reduced blood supply. This sudden expansion irritates surrounding nerves, the throbbing pain of a migraine headache.
 You’re Health History
 Is it a migraine headache?
  Do you have throbbing pain that feels like a hammer is pounding in your head?
  Do you usually feel pain on the left side of your head or the right side?
  Are your headaches accompanied by other symptoms, like visual disturbances, nausea, irritability, or sensitivity to light, noise, or odors?
  Have other family members had migraines?
  Does stress, chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, MSG, smoking, or menstruation trigger your headache?